Angie Akerunnamed
Kenosha Poet Laureate, 2011-2013
Online: Blurb/AngieAker

The Parts To Keep

I took a hammer to my brittle Self
And watched – horrified, mesmerized – the shards scatter and bounce.
A crystalline atomization of Ego,
Leaving alone anything with an ounce of grace and give, there on the sidewalk.
I wandered amongst them
– crunch, crunch, crunch,
The spent fragments of a me that never mattered puffed to glass powder under my shoes –
Looking for keepers I could fashion together
Into something Else
Into someone New.
But my eyes grew tired
And forgot how to see.
You walked up next to me a stranger
And watched me pretend to work.
Every piece I meant to leave
You held in the light and showed me
How it shines.