Nick RamseyNick Belle City Mag Pic
Racine Poet Laureate, 2013-2015
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Motley With Moxie

I spit forth a lit torch, in the cauldron’s searing embers
Cast-iron coated, a magmatic epicenter
It seeps through the cracks, in the deep the gleam attracts
Be sure to keep back, ’cause in a sec’ the vent will churn

Gentle burns, oxymoronic words
A cruel kindness, in time you’ll find your turn
Shall I sign the line as they shine divine pine
to be my backdrop or an ornamental urn?

Praise the monument, verbal tributes over a flair of frenzied flutes
Assemble documents, the will you execute
A joyful noise, the populace poised
Silvers streaking a sky of turquoise

Mirrored in the faces of the grounded observers
Saline streams amidst the pitted fervor
Lashed from the sudden bursts of internal heat
Dredge through the journals, a heartfelt retreat

Have you left an imprint, indelible, and lasting
or was it a thin stint, forgettable, worth passing?
I guess the judge and jury are up to call the order
Determine the verdict, quite the stack to sort, huh?

It seems time slips by while the fools rush out
Used to be of service, respected, had clout
Then busyness took over, a disregarded hobby
My pen remains my scepter, I’m motley with moxie